The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support

Make a difference.
Make an impact.

Our mission is to help raise awareness and reduce the financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis by providing assistance  for daily non-insured expenses for women currently being treated for any gynecological cancer in northeast Georgia.


What recipients are saying about PCGS

The cost of cancer can be overwhelming – what a treat to buy groceries without a thought about cost!
A huge thank you for the gracious gift – it is helping me get to chemo as I travel over 70 miles to treatment.
Thank you so much for your support and show of love. As long as there are folks like you I know I can win this fight.
On top of survival, there is the financial burden of dealing with cancer. Thank you for realizing this and doing something to help.
It helps me fight this just knowing that there are people who understand what I’m going through. Bless all of you.

A Broad's Brush 2017

Art of the Survivors - the 5th annual art show and reception to benefit the Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support.


Motivational Speaking

Laugh and cry as PCGS founder Sue Sigmon-Nosach describes how she found the courage to speak candidly about her journey into the world of a  cancer that people only whisper about. Learn  where it has -  and continues -  to take her and her art.


More Than A Donation

The financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis can be devastating to someone undergoing treatment. Cancer doesn’t care if someone has money for gas, groceries or utilities but we do and we can help – with your help.


Make a difference. Ease the burden.