About Us

Our mission is to help raise awareness and reduce the financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis by providing assistance for daily non-insured expenses for women currently being treated for any gynecological cancer in northeast Georgia.

Hearing “you have cancer” is bad enough, but imagine wondering how you are going to continue to working to pay the bills, put food on the table, and even get to work! Cancer does not care, but we do and we are here to help.

Please take a moment to look over our website to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of women and their families who are undergoing treatment. We hope that you will want to join in our effort and remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Our Founders

The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support had been a dream of its founding directors since their diagnoses of ovarian cancer. From the moment they began their “cancer journey” they knew that they did not want anyone to face the uncertain path that they found themselves on.

Debbie Torbett and Sue Sigmon-Nosach forged a 10+ year friendship because of cancer. Their friendship took them many places, allowed them to experience many things, meet many others quietly waging their own battles, and be a part of the indomitable spirit that says I will keep going.

Perhaps you met them… best known as the artistic team of 2 Broken Broads, they traveled the Southeast exhibiting their whimsical glass mosaics for all to enjoy while quietly raising awareness, educating others, and providing inspiration to all they met.

Although without her good friend, Sue continues to carry PGCS forward today by continuing their unique art form, raising awareness of GYN cancers, and assisting those in need.

DEBBIE TORBETT 2/22/49 – 1/30/14

Co-founder and Vice President of PGCS  – Debbie Torbett – succumbed to complications of ovarian cancer January 30, 2014. Hers was a 9 year battle punctuated by determination, grace, and dignity. Cancer did not define her, she simply embraced it as another “chapter” of her life and lived accordingly inspiring others, making new friends, and always smiling.

Debbie’s legacy is one of love and laughter…. and so much more….her beautiful family, her many friends, her art….and the Foundation she helped to establish to assist others that were traveling on the same path…..these – and so much more – were Debbie’s contributions to this world. To have met her and have been a part of her world was indeed, a privilege.