How To Update

Hey Sue!

The three main things you'll be editing on your site are the BLOG,  EVENTS and the COUNTER from the "What We Do" page. This guide will walk you through the basics, but for anything more advanced feel free to check out the Official Squarespace Documentation or simply contract me again, I'd love to work with you!

- Evan


Got a new blog idea? First, login to your page. Next, click on "Pages" to gain access to all of the pages on your website. From here, simply click on "Blog" to gain access to all of your blog posts.

Once you're here, you can click the + to create a new blog post, or click on an existing blog post to made edits to it's content, imagery, or publish date.

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Add a post title and some content by simply typing in the appropriate fields. Then mouse over the the content area to reveal Insert Points you can click on to add things like Images or Video in.

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If you find your blog post getting particularly long, leave the Content tab and click on the Options tab. Here you can assign your post a Thumbnail image as well an a short Excerpt that people will see to entice them to click to see your full post.

That's it!
Now hit Save & Publish to make your post live.


Go to the Not Linked section and expand the Event Galleries folder. From here you can edit an existing gallery or add a new one by clicking on + Add Page and selecting a Gallery page.

Click into your new Gallery and then click on the Arrow to add new photos. You can select as many as you want to dump them all in at once.

Once your photos are in you can change their order by clicking and dragging, or remove them by selecting one and clicking the trash can icon.

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Once you've created your Event Gallery you need to put a link to it on your Event page. So head to your Event page, go into Edit mode and scroll down to the Past Events section. Use an Insert Point just like in your blog posts to drop in an image from your most recent event.

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After you select the right image, scroll down in the Image menu to where it says Clickthrough URL. Selecting something here turns your image into a link. Click on Content and then scroll to your recently added Gallery and click on it.

Then, click Apply to save your Image.

For the final step, click where it says "Write Here..." underneath your new image. Write in the name of your event, highlight the name of your event, and click on the chain links icon to make this a link as well.

Now follow the same steps for linking to your gallery as you did with the image.

That's it!
Now Save your page.


This one requires you to be rather precise as you're actually editing code (you can say you're a programmer now!). But it's really not that scary.

Start by putting the What We Do page into Edit mode. Then Edit the 2017 Code Block. Scroll down to the part that says "new CountUp" and change the SECOND number to be your grand total.

Follow these same steps to update the Grand Total Code Block as well.

That's it!
Be sure to Save the page when you're done, but if you're unsure just hit Cancel.